Cloud Computing: IT at the speed of business

Your SMB is almost guaranteed to have these two things in common with every other small venture:

  1. You have a limited budget that you must use wisely
  2. You have to plan for insane growth when your product or service takes off

Don't make the mistake of assuming that those two goals are in conflict with each other.

Doing it the smart way, you can scale and secure your application, all within budget. Our average consultant has 2 decades of experience walking this tightrope of budget vs scale. We know the best-of-breed tools, processes, and methodoligies to use, and when to deviate from the norm. In a nutshell, we bring high value to our clients by doing three things and doing them very well:

  1. Leveraging cloud server technologies -- Utility based pricing means you only pay for what you need, only when you need it. Start out with one small server, and scale to 50 large ones. We help you understand the offerings provided by companies like Amazon's AWS / EC2, Google Cloud Platform, and Rackspace Cloud , and we help you build out and maintain the unique solutions that your business needs.
  2. Leveraging Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) -- The beauty of these tools is that, in addition to being free, they're most often the best solutions to scale and secure your servers. We're experts at FOSS tools which provide high availability, hot failover, security firewalls, physical redundancy, restorable backup images and load balancing across multiple servers.
  3. Automating the living daylights out of everything -- We are all about following the three great virtues of programming -- laziness, impatience, and hubris. In order to set up or secure one server as fast as one thousand, we make heavy use of automation tools such as Opscode Chef and Puppet Labs Puppet, as well as custom-rolled scaling and security tools.

We have assisted over 2 dozen companies all over the globe, helping them to cost-effectively architect, deploy and maintain their Web Systems and Web Software. Our consultants have deep knowledge in all technical aspects from System Architecture to Multi-tier Mission Critical Software Development. We can design your whole architecture and code as much or as little of the application as you need, making all of it scale and secure like nobody's business.

If you're an executive who needs to build your cloud roadmap, a developer who needs to scale your stack, or anyone in between, we have the trench-level experience, roll-up-the sleeves determination, and battle-tested tools to provide you with the best answers and solutions possible.

Let us free your IT team up to concentrate on the core competencies that bring home the bacon.