Cloud Consulting Services

Every step of cloud deployment is critical, from who you choose as a host to how you build your apps. The cloud landscape is changing every day, with new offerings that make old ones obsolete, and new ways to do things that are faster, more secure, and more cost effective.

To fully leverage everything the cloud has to offer, you need to rely on experts who are dedicated to cloud computing and nothing else.

We have singular focus on cloud computing -- the products, the services, the architectures, and the tradeoffs of each. We work closely with your team to architect scalable, robust cloud-based solutions. We offer the following services:

  • Architecture, deployment, and maintenance of new or existing services in the cloud. Using our Lightning product, we can securely and quickly build Development, Test, and 24x7 Production servers at extremely reasonable cost. If you're already in the cloud, we can secure your Cloud server with our Thunder product, which patches over 150 known vulnerabilities in LAMP stacks.
  • Security services including audits, vulnerability and penetration scanning, and problem mitigation
  • Team training to help your IT resources effectively understand and leverage the cloud
  • Monitoring and management services to ensure your cloud services are always secure and always available.

We embed ourselves with your development team and provide them world-class support at building solutions that take ceilings from your growth and put ceilings on your hosting costs. No matter what stage your cloud roadmap is in, we can help you fully realize everything the cloud has to offer.